30 MAY 1829, Page 13

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES,. ,. Tuesday, May 26. PART watt sn

r PS Di s sows D.—Graham and Redley, Wapping, eoal-merehants-An- drew and Co. Manchester, cotton-spinners-T. and IL Barrett, Little Bolton, chemists- Nunn, Freeman, and Jackson, Birmingham, bobbin-net-lace-manufacturers ; as far as regards H. W. Nunn-Manning and Co. Bristol, coal-merchants-Hall and Turkey, Bris- tol, plumbers-Bovill, Cole, and Bovill, Milford-lane, Strand, corn-merchants-Hacker and Joll, Gray's-inn-lane, builders-Young, Hilton, and Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, seeds. crushers-Chambers and Hannay, Preston, drapers-Whiteside and Clarkson, Preston, grocers-W. and C. Holden, Leiston, Suffolk, grocers-Quicke and Imeson, Plymouth,. land-stewards-Atkins and Phillips, Curtain-road. timber-merchants-Ashcroft ant Bell, Liverpool, painters-Unthank and Co. Manchester, fancy-milliners-Land J.Muti- day, Oxford, printers-Vincent and Coulter, Upper Thames-street, wine-merchants- Darthez and Co. Broad-street-buildings, merchants ; us far as regards J. C. Puel-Ws and J. Garnett, Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-spinners-Fraser and Son, Aberdeen.

INs oLvENrs.-May 25, T. CLARE, North Shields, master-mariner-May 26, T. A. RETTERTON, Ampney-crucis, Gloucestershire, seedsman. BasiftaneTs.-[25 surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall.street.)-J.. Tone, Oxford-street, ironmonger, June 2, 9, July 7 solicitor, Mr. Chester, Melina- place, Westminster-road-J. TI1031PSON, Guisborough, Yorkshire, currier, June 5, 16, July 7: solicitors, Messrs. Carter and Gregory, Lord Mayor's Court-office, Royal Ex- change-R. H. Ba ours, Vauxhall-walk, hackney-coach-master, June' , 9, July 7: soli- citor, Mr. Reilly, Clement's-inn-N. B aowN and A. WALLINGToN, Aldersgate-street, coach-proprietors, June 5, 16, July 7 : solicitors, Wadeson and Dingwall, Austinfriars-S.. COOK, Alie-street, Goodman's-fields, upholsterer, June 2, 5, July 7 : solicitor, Mr. War- rand, Austaifriars-T. P. Biatts, II. WHITE, J. H. ALLEN, and A. SUM TON, New- castle-under-Lyme, silk-throwsters, June 5, 12, July 7: solicitors, Messrs..fames, Buck- lersbury-F. RICHARDSON, Camberwell, dealer in cement, June 5, 9, July 7 : solicitor,. Mr. Becke, Northumberland-street, Strand-J. CiloaLsiv, Little Bell.alley, Coleman- street, woollen-draper, June 2, 5, July 7: solicitors, Messrs. Arnott and Eldertun, Fur- rar's-buildings, Temple-G. lain NE, jilt). New Shoreham, timber-merchants, June 12,. 16, July 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Gatty and Co. Angel-court, Throgmorton-street-J. DAv s,. Buckley-mews, Whitechapel, silk-dyer, May 29, June 5, July 7: solicitor, Mr. Whit- tington, Deane-street, Finsbury. 13.4.NaitorTS.-(To surrender in the Country.)-J. MAncriaxr, Minchinhampton„ Gloucestershire, innholder, June 6, 13, July 7 : solicitors. Messrs. Dax and Son, Lower Bedford-place-R. WELLS, Nottingham, paper-dealer, June 22, 23, July 7 • solicitors, Messrs. Hall and Brownley, New Boswell-court-I. WILSON, Carlisle, mercer, June 11, 12, July 7: solicitor, Mr. Clennell, Staple-inn-H. HARPER and R. CARTER, jun. Co- ventry, ribbon-manufacturers, June 9,10, July 7 : solicitor, Mr. Edmunds, Cook's-coorta Serle-street-G. ELLIOTT, Foleshill, Warwickshire, ribbon-manufacturer, June 8, 9, July 7: solicitor, Mr. Edmunds, Cook's-court-H. RADCOCKE, Wells, mercer, June s, 9, July 7: solicitor, Mr. Dyne, Lincoln's-inn-fields-J. HARRIS, Long-lane, .Bermond- sey, needle-maker, June 9, 10, July 7 - solicitors, Messrs. Holme and Co. New 11111-H. SPENCE, Deritend, Warwickshire, currier. June 5, 6, July 7: solicitor, Mr. Roe, Hol- born-court-J., J., and T. Woos, Bradford, worsted-spinners, June 4,5, July 7 : soli- citors, Messrs. Battye and Co. Chancery-lane-J. WALTON, Coventry, ribbon-manufac- turer, June 8, 9, July 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Austen and Hobson, Gray's-inn-S. Bus HILL, Foleshill, Warwickshire, builder, June 8, 9, July 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Austen and Hob- son, Gray's-inn-F. GRACE, Manchester, tailor, Julie 4, 6, July 7: solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford-row-J. 13, Bus, liarnsley, Yorkshire, druggist, June 15 la, July 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Perkins and Frampton, G ray's-inn-T. J oNES, Gardden, Den- bighshire, iron-master, June 5, 6, July 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Parry, Temple- G. J. PARIS, Bristol, victualler, June 9, 12, July71 solicitors, Messrs. Poole and Co. Gray's-inn-J. OxLsiv, Barnsley, butcher, June 15, 16, July 7 : solicitors, Messrs. Per- kins and Frampton, Gray's-inn-T.P.13thas, H. WHITE, and J. H. ALLEN, Newcastle- under. Lyme, silkmen, June 6, 8, July 7: solicitor, Mr. Hall, Great Loves-street.

I/rims:Nos.-June 16, Inkersole, St. Neot's, corn-dealer-June 16, Inkersole, St. Neot's, grocer-June 16, Sherwood, Gilbert, and Piper, Paternoster-row, booksellers- June 5, Clarkson, Arbor-terrace, ship-owner-June 16, Banks, Gutter-lane, lace-dealer- June 16, Eales, Crawford-street, linen-draper-June 16, Jones, Hunter-street, wine- merchant-June 16, Prosser, jun. Watling-street, wine-merchant-June 16, Wilson, Devereux court, merchant-June 18, Brodie and Cameron, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, dra- pers-June 18, Cheaters, Ellesmere, maltster-June 22, Turner: Warrington, banker-

June 23, Willa°, jun. Vile of Kenswick, farmer—June 19, Manington, Hastings, iron- monger—June 25, Bentley, Ipswich, turner—June 19, Smith, Evesham, tailor—June 26, Meredith, Manchester, linen-draper—June 18, Wardle, Wolverhampton, mercer—June 19, Murray, Liverpool, merchant—June 2, Brown, Bath, draper—June 3, Aldridge, Wandsworth, calico-printer—June 23, Hodgson and Hartley, Cheapside, warehousemen —June 16, Haynes, Ratcliffe-highway, linen-draper—June 17, Lambert, Preston, inn- keeper.

Ca R TI Fl CATES to be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before June 16.—Tapp, Wiginore-street, coach-maker— Shrimpton, Newman-street, goldsmith- Crighton, Manchester, machine-maker—Harrison, Maidstone, cattle-salesman.

Friday, May 29. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Webster and Amery, Liverpool, cart-owners—Squire and Buttrey, Huddersfield, woolstaplers—Mills and Hope, Uppingliam, Rutlandshire, chemists—Jackson and Chambers, Newark-upon-Trent, grocers—Anderson and Phil-

lips, Lawrence-Pountney.lane, Irish provision-merchants—W. and S. Peace, Sheffield, file-manufacturers—Ormerod, David, and Surrage, Bristol, woollen-drapers—J. and G. Norton, High-Hoyland, Yorkshire, fancy waistcoat-manufacturers—M. Al .and S. Willis, Egham, farmers—Harrison and Co., Startforth, Yorkshire, shoe thread-manufacturers —Ives and Gethin, Kidderminster, coal-merchants—Stephens and Bedford, coach- platers—Robinson, Searle, and Archer,. Saffron-Walden, common-brewers—Bickerton and Williams, Oswestry, druggists—Smith, Nicholls, and Co., silk-manufacturers—R. and A. Reed, Kingsland-road, gun-makers—King and Blake, Ridge, Wiltshire, farmers —A. and 'I'. Harnett, Isle of Thanet, Kent, farmers—Morgan and Co., Neath, Glamor- ganshire, linen-drapers.

INSOLVENTS.—May 28, W. T. You:et:, Charles-street, Hatton-garden, hosier—W. HARTSELL, Bristol, slate-merchant.

BANKRUPTS.—[To surrender at the Bankrupts' Court, Basinghall-street.]--W .JonN, ' SON, Grove, St. George's-place, Holloway, laceman, June 9, 16, July 10' solicitors- Messrs. Fairthorne and Lofty, King-street, Cheapside—R. Dove, Paddington, brick- maker, June 2, 9, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Pocock, Bartholomew-close—G. ALLW tt GUT, Strand, cheesemonger, June 2,19, July 10: solicitors, Messrs. Harris and Tyas, Norfolk- street, Strand—G. Tilos! es osa Upper East Smithfield, hatcher, June 2, 12, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Tadhunter, Bermondsey—J. H. GLANHAM, Romford, grocer, June 5, 16, July 10 : solicitor, Mr. Bushbury, Carthusian-street, Charterhouse-square—W. ED- WARDS, Parker's-row, Bermondsey, hat-manufacturer, June 5, 9, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Gray, jun., Kingsland-road—J. F..losSELVN, Wenham-grove, Suffolk, wine-merchant, June 16, 19, July le: solicitor, Mr. Burt, Mitre-court, Milk-street, Cheapside—G. Duca- w Fleet-street, printer, June 16, 19, July 111: solicitor, Mr. Greenhill, Doctor's- commons—J. lat testes:, Castle-street, Holborn, stationer, June 5, 19, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Gresham, BarnarcPs-inn.

BASER u wrs.—[To surrender in the Counlrp.]—J. LISTER, Halifax, grocer, June 17, 18, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Butterfield, Gray's-inn—W. ELGIE, Knareeborough, grocer, June II, 12, July III: solicitors, Messrs. Ellis and Co. Chancery-lane—W. YOUARD, North Walsham, Norfolk, corn-merchant, June 19, 20, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Ayton, Millman-street, Bedford-row—L. PANNELL, Horneastle, Lincolnshire, cooper, June 17, 18, July 10: solicitors, Messrs. Norris and Co. John-street, Bedford-row—W. SHAW, Attleborough, Warwickshire, riband-manufacturer, June 9, 10, July 10 : Solicitors, Messrs. Austen and Hobson, Raymond-buildings, Gray's-inn—W. LAMBORN, Ayles- bury, grocer, June 8, 10, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Jones, John-street, Bedford-row—J. liloaTost, Doncaster, spirit-merchant, June 23, 24. July 10: solicitor, Mr. Lever, Gray's- Inn-square—W. Bo esacs ox, Lincoln, grocer, June 5, 6, July 10: solicitor, Mr. Scott, Li fled n's-in n-fields—T. J. MAitselALL, Smethwick, Staffordshire, wine-merchant, June 4, 5, July 10: solicitors, Messrs. Dickinson and Kine, Gracechurch-street.

Divr D a :ans.—June 24, J. and S. Ashton, Stockport, cotton-spinners—June 26, Bayard, Bromyard, victualler—June 19,J. and J. Chittenden, Hay's-lane, Southwark, hop-mer- chants—June 30, M. D. and H. King, Falcon-street, wine-morchants—June 23, Kirby and Thomas, Knightsbridge, linen-drapers—June 19, Lacey, Tottenham, lace-manufac- turer—June 19, Wombwell, Edward street, liattle-bride, stage-coach-proprietor—June 19, Bernard, Gravesend, pawnbroker—June 19, White, Windsor-terrace, City-road, mer- chant—June 22, Hammond, Eye, Suffolk, victualler—June 27, Hall, Staley-bridge, Lan- cashire, corn-dealer—June 22. Mears, Birkenhead, Cheshire, hotel-keeper—Jane 22, Cottrell, Pangbourn, Berkshire, innkeeper—June 23, Rock, Wollastone, Staffordshire, farmer—June 22, Ree, Aston, Herefordshire dealer—June 19, Gibbs, Theobald's-road, corn-chandler.

CERTIFIGATES to hr granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before June 19.—Williams, Thrumnortga-street, auctioneer—Ind, Cambridge, linen-draper- Miller, Pall-mall, bookseller—Bynner, Long-acre, grocer—liorrocks and Martin, Ard- wick, Lancashire, dyers—Clarke, Barlborough, Derbyshire, grocer.