30 MAY 1829, Page 2



A German mail which arrived this morning brings papers to the 24th inst. In one of them there is a statement, on the authority of some Russian officers, of the intended plan of operations for the pre- sent campaign. According to this, the Russians are, at whatever sa- crifice, to get possession of Schumla, Silistria, and Rudschuk, and to secure the means of carrying the war into Servia during the present campaign, or at the commencement of the next. Nothing is said in these papers of the late affairs between the Turks and the Russians. The accounts from Paris, however, state that the latter were defeated in every instance ; and as the Russian Ambassador in this country has not communicated to any person the contents of his last despatches, there is some reason to conclude that the Russians have not been successful.

Up to this hour nothing new has been stated officially on the sub- ject of the law appointments. The only appointment officially an- nounced at the Treasury, is that of Sir James Scarlett as Attorney- General.

It is believed that a reinforcement of moderate Whigs will join the Ministry, if the high contracting parties can agree upon terms.