30 MAY 1925, Page 1


AFFAIRS in Morocco arc naturally causing a great deal of anxiety in Fiance. In Great Britain sympathy runs very strongly with the French who are being put to a colonial test which will mean a heavy strain on their exchequer, their, energy and their man-power at a most inopportune -time. For France needs to apply all her attention and use all her resources to set her finances in order. The Ruffian crisis is a lamentable distraction. We need have no scruple in hoping without reserve that the French will overcome all difficulties and defeat the Riffian leader, Abdel Krim. There is always a whole- sOme tendency here to sympathize with the weaker side, especially when that side is nominally fighting for its independence. But Abdel Krim has without doubt challenged the French when there was no need Whatever for him to do so. He has attacked them without provocation or at all events without having attempted to persuade them to remove any grievances Which he might juitifiably have pleaded.

*- *