30 MAY 1925, Page 1

The French Protectorate in - Morocco is a very remarkable example of

the mission of civilization and of the arts of administration. In all its greatest aspects it is the work of Marshal Lyautey, who is the Cromer of French Morocco. He is a man who believes, like Marshal Foch, that a soldier is not a true soldier unless he is a thinker and a devout student of history. Marshal Lyautey has always been noted for his sympathy with native races and for his characteristic efforts to judge situations by seeing things from the native point of view. This Mental habit, which is the beginning of wisdom in all administration of native areas, ought to be easier for a Frenchman than for a representative of some other nations because the average Frenchman is without any Prejudice about the colour line. We have little doubt that Marshal Lyautey will be able to crush Abdel Krim if i no require him to do so, just as we have no doubt that he will do whatever is necessary without vindictive harshness, but this does not alter the fact that the business of organizing success will be a real Strain upon France.