30 MAY 1925, Page 16


[To the Editor of the SPECTATOR.] SIR,—I have read with much interest the correspondence in your columns about Trelawny's famous book. I published an unabridged edition in 1891 with an Introduction by Edward Garnett. This edition was illustrated and contained a por- trait of Trelawny in Greek costume by Kirkup, the original painting being in the possession of the late John Temple Leader. He gave me permission to reproduce it. I remember seeing the original in Mr. Leader's house which was known, I think, as the Little Pitti Palace in Florence. I wonder where that portrait is now ? My edition has been out of print for some time, so I am glad to know that another edition will shortly be issued. On publication of my edition Richard- Bentley, the original publisher, wrote congratulating me on my " venture," and he then told me that the book was no doubt the life of the author.—I am; Sir, &c., 1 Adelphi Terrace, London, W.C. 2.

T. Fisnma UNWIN.