30 MAY 1925, Page 24

THE STOCK EXCHANGE OFFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR 197.5. (Spottiswoodo, Ballantyne. 60s.

net.) WE have sometimes heard the Stock Exchange Official Intelli- gence—the latest volume of which has just reached us— somewhat irreverently described as the " Stockbrokers' Bible." Certainly it is the standard work of reference not merely for the stockbroker, but for the many hundreds of thousands of investors scattered throughout the country. Moreover, although it is a ponderous tome, approaching in size to the Post Office Directory itself, it is a work which not only well repays examination, but is also interesting even to those who may not be deliberately searching for records of dividends or price fluctuations. For, in addition to the purely statistical part of the volume, there is a mass of useful information contained in separate articles on such subjects as Municipal Finance, County Finance, Colonial Finance, Company Law in 1924, while in the chapters of

general information all the latest points with regard to Stamp Duties, Trustee Enactments, Income Tax arrangements, Bank of England Rates of Discount and so forth will be found in this great work of reference. Above all things, however, it must be regarded as the Investors' Handbook, for we fancy that not a few potential investors or speculators when receiving the random tip to purchase this or that particular security, might with considerable advantage, first search the pages of the Stock Exchange Official Intelligence for the history of the Loan or the company in which they have been advised to embark their savings.