30 MAY 1925, Page 26

Pietro the Garibaldian. By Anna Maxwell. (Leonard Parsons. 7s. 6d.

net.)—A historical novel dealing with Gari- baldi's 1860 campaign. The hero is a monk attached to an ambulance unit, whose reflections and ecclesiastical adventures are not S3 interesting to the reader as those of Garibaldi and his staff. Dr. Bertani, the medical secretary—of whom a contemporary writer, Nassau Senior, wrote that he was much more successful in prescribing for the State than for his patients—appears as the moving organizer of the Sicilian campaign in Genoa, and Garibaldi himself is painted in as heroic colours as the greatest lover of liberty could wish. The book gives a scholarly and learned account of an interesting page of European history and, further, contains two excellent maps.