30 MAY 1925, Page 3

There has not very often been such a runaway victory

in the Derby as Manna had on Wednesday. The horse, which belongs to Mr. H. E. Morriss, of Shanghai, was in perfect temper and perfect condition, and Steve Donoghue, who rode him, said afterwards that he never rode a more willing or more manageable animal. We suspect that the horse would have been ready to reciprocate all the compli- ments. Such a victory was the ironic comment of destiny on popular expectation, for it had been said that the Derby of 1925 was an open race. With some hesita- tion Cross Bow, Lord Astor's horse, had been made favourite, and we must give a word of sympathy to an owner who has run second often enough to make one think that the time has come for his luck to turn. Mr. Darling, the trainer of Manna, had picked the colt out at the Doncaster Sales two years ago as the best of his year, and bought him for Mr. Morriss. Mr. Darling, therefore, has a sounder reason than anyone to be pleased with the Derby of 1925—except perhaps Steve Donoghue, who has now ridden six Derby winners if we include the two substitute Derbys during the War. Even the legendary Fred Archer only won five times.

* * * *