30 MAY 1969, Page 27

NigerianiBiaf ran students

Sir: While the engulfment of lives in the Nigeria-Biafra war is a big enough challenge to the imagination, it is more difficult to realise that some of the victims of the war are to be found not far from our own doorsteps. They are the students in the United Kingdom who originally came from Nigeria on scholarships or on private allowances, and who now, for obvious reasons, are left destitute. The Africa Educational Trust, within which a special fund for their relief was set up at the end of 1967, has been able to award grants to about 400 from both sides of the conflict, including 250 this academic session.

Since the beginning of the year widespread publicity has been carried out by the United Kingdom Council for Overseas Student Affairs on behalf of the trust, which is entirely de pendent on voluntary contributions for the success of this scheme. Although generous sup- port from various quarters in the academic year 1968-69 has enabled us, in conjunction with Christian Aid and other trusts, to sub- sidise most of those whose courses end this June, there are no funds left for anyone else at the moment, let alone for at least 180 in September.

Immediate help is needed for about seventy students through the next six weeks before the end of this session. We are therefore appealing for the relatively small sum of £3,5C0 to meet this emergency. May we appeal to Your readers to give as much as they can, as soon as they can? Cheques should be made Payable to the 'Nigerian /Biafran Students Fund' and sent to UKCOSA, 90 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW!

W. H. Beale D. R. lowitt

Africa Educational Trust, 9 King Street, London WC2