30 NOVEMBER 1872, Page 1


filHE situation in France is very grave indeed. On Tuesday the Kerdrel Committee presented its "Report" on the reply which ought to be made to M. Thiers' Message, a report which had been Noted by nine to six. This document, which we have analysed elsewhere, was drawn up by M. Batbie—a man supposed to be a moderate, but hated by the Reds for his alleged cruelty—and proved to be a furious attack upon the Radicals, as no party, but only a " league of destruction," equally hostile to all parties deserv- ing of respect. It was admitted, however, that they were "march- ing towards legal and irremediable triumph," and the Assembly was, therefore called on to form a "Government of combat," which would enlighten the country electors and keep the Radi- cals down. As a means to this end, the Committee insisted that Thiers should cease to present himself in the Chamber, and should appoint responsible Ministers,—that is, should .descend from a President into a sort of King, yet remain without power of dissolution.