30 NOVEMBER 1872, Page 3

The Conservatives have carried Londonderry, and the Liberal Attorney-General, Mr.

Palles, seems likely, like one of his predecessors (Mr. Serjeant Barry), to go begging for a seat. Mr. Palles was beaten by a combinatioa of the Presbyterians, who, as a rule, have always hitherto voted on the Liberal side, with the Conservatives proper, the Presbyterians being driven thereto by horror of Mr. Palles's opinions on the Irish University question, and their dread of him as a good Roman Catholic, warmly supporting and supported by the priests. But the curious feature of the election was the apparent disappearance of the Home Rulers, who, after holding enthusiastic meetings and beiug addressed with the most thrilling eloquence by the orators of the Nation, polled only 89 votes for Mr. Biggar, while Mr. I Palles gained 522, and Mr. Lewis, the Conservative, 696. The I explanation is said to be that the priests, who were all Home Rulers, thinking the education question the thing of the first importance, supported Mr. Polies, and carried a good many Home Rulers with them. That may be the explanation, but it is worth notice that in Cork the municipal elections by ballot have given a great gain to the Conservatives, and that the Conservatives are thereby so much encouraged that they are going to fight the borough. It is quite on the cards that, under the Ballot, Home Rule will find its prospects becoming very dim.