30 OCTOBER 1841, Page 10



On the 4th August, at Gya, in the East Indies, the Lady of the Hon. EDMUND

DRUMMOND, of a SOD. • On the 20th October, at Hampton Court, the Viscountess GUILIAMORE, of a son. On the 20th, at Saltash, Cornwall, the Lady of PHILIP WyNELL MAYOW junior, Esq., of a son.

On the 23,1. at Durham, the Wife of the Rev. Hewer JEERERS. of a son.

On the 23d, at Cotswold House, Gloucestershire. the Lady of G. E. CLARKE, EMI, of a daughter. On the 24th, at Twineham Rectory, the Lady of the Rev. CHARLES Goers°, of a son. On the 24th. in Old Palace Yard, Westminster, Mrs. T. %V. WEBSTER. of a daughter. On the 25th, in Grosvenor Square, the Wife of the Hon. FREDERICK DUDLEY RYDER, of a VII nod heir.

On the 26th, at Shanks House, Somersetsbire, Mrs, S. MARTEDICE, of a son. On the 26th, at Bickfield Lodge, Suffolk, the Lady of ROBERT BURRELL, Esq.,of aeon. On the 28th, Mrs, E. A. Wamarr. of Green Hill, Oldham, of a daughter. At Thereby-, Leicestershire, the Lady of the Rev. FRANCIS IL Pansies, Vicar of

Oadby, of a son. HARMER&

On the 16th October, at Chilton Foliat, Wilts, Ronzwr Mazes Idotter, of the Royal Horse Artillery, sixth son of the late Edward Miller Mundy, Esq., 10 ISABELLA LET- BOURNE, youngest daughter of General Popham, of Littlecons, Wilts. On the 21st. at Mil&rd Church, Lymingtou, the Rev. FREDERICK WALTER Besse. M.A., of St. Mary's, Bathwick, Bath, to Lucy, second daughter of the late Richard AV,,odward, D.D.

On the 25th. at Mortimore, Berks. Sir Ct.sumus Smarms Howrie, Bart., to JANET, second daughter of the late James Fenton, Esq., of Hampstead.

On the 26th, at St. Mary's Isle, the Hon. CHARLES Hors, M.P.• third son of the late Earl of Hopetonn. to Lady ISABELLA Hetet; Dolmas, eldest daughter of the late Earl of Selkirk.

On the 26th, at St. John's. Paddington, the Rev. T. E. LANCE, Rector of Buckland St. Mary. Somerset. to Ci.ses, youngest daughter of the late John Pearse, Esq.

On the 26th, at Daventry, Cnsazis DOXAT, Esq., of Somers Street, Hyde Park, eldest son of the late John Francis Doxat, Esq., of Clare. Ilampshire, to EIZZA,second daugh- ter of William Watkins, Esq., of Badby House, Northamptonshire.

On the 27th, at St. George's Church. Hanover Square, JOHN Wu.sza, M.D., of Baker Street, Portman Square, to Euzs, youngest daughter of the late 'Drones ROWE, Esq., of Bombay.

On the 27th, at Trinity Church, Islington, the Rev. Tuomss FINCH, B.A., to ham, daughter of H. Brumell, Esq., of Morpeth. On the 28th, at St. Mary's. Cheshunt. the Rev. Wumust CHARLES DUDLEY, 51.5., Incumbent of Trinity Church, Sheerness, to ELIZABETH, second daughter of the late Job Wells, Esq., of Wallingford, Berks.


On the 5th September, at his residence near Chippewa, Upper Canada, JANIS BAWBRIDOE, Esq., third son of Samuel Elias Saw bridge, Esq., of Olantigh, Kent. On the 9th September, of the climate fever, at the Island of St. Thomas, on his way to Englandfrout Dominica. THOMAS WILLIAMS DAVIES, Esq.. Ninetymeeond Highlanders, second son of Sir David Davies, K.C.H., Physician to her Majesty the Queen Dowager•' i his 18th year. On the 15th October, at St. Bernard's Cresent. Edinburgh, MAROAIST Wife of Walter L°Clannihs'Illth at Worthing, Csnoznor, the bride of Roderick Mackenzie. Esq., of Flowerbarn, 20th, On the 18th of last month we recorded this marriage.

On the 21st, at the Easel. ALEXANDER Earl of Hour; in his 72d year.

On the 21st, in Priuces Street. Edinburgh, Colonel BLAIR, of Blair, Ayrshire. On the 22d, at Cherington, Warwickshire, the Rev. l'llouss VERE RICHARD NICOLL, upwards of forty-seven years rector of that place ; in his 71st year.

On the 23d, at Hampton Court Palace, the Dowager Lady Baotou PECHELL; in her

826 year.

On the 23,1, at Brighton. Captain the Hon. Sir J. ASHLEY MAT/DE, R.N.C. B.; in his

55th year.

On the 29th, Gzottor, second son of George Hogarth, Esq., of the Morning Chroniek ;

iu his 21st year.

On the 27th, at Havre, WHaarix LAIRD, Esq., of Birkhenhead, Liverpool; in his

62,1 year. On the 28th, Brigadier Wrzusu GORDON, of the Bengal Army ; in his 551 year.