30 OCTOBER 1841, Page 12


Arrived—At Gravesend, October 25th, Julius Ctesar, Mitchell. from China ; 27th, Plativa, Wycherley. from New South WAles; John Horrocks, Bleasdale, from Singa- pore; and 29th. Bengal Merchant. Hemdry, from Madras. At Liverpool, 23d, Laid- mans. Scott, from China; 24tb, Jamaica. Gibson; and Old England, Hodgson, from Bengal. In the Clyde. 231, Minerva. Brown, from China. At St. Helena, Sept. 3d, W. Wooley, Truscott. from Penang. At the Cape. Aug. 6th. Adelaide, Wharton. from London ; and 10th. Elizabeth Moore. Mossop, from Liverpool.

Sailed—From Gravesend, Oct. 24th, Mary. Walton; 25th„ Elizabeth. Weatherley ; and 26th, Diana. Strickland. for Bombay. From Liverpool, 25th, Jumna, Clark. for Bengal; 26th. S:lakspere, Henderson, for Bombay; 28tb, Queen Mab, Ainley, China; and Enterprise. Robertson, for Bengal.