30 OCTOBER 1841, Page 2

int Court.

THE loyal public have throughout the week been tantalized by reports relating to the birth of a Royal infant. On Monday, all was bustle at the Palace and expectation abroad; and each day since, till yester- day, the sensation was renewed: but the child is yet unborn, and for the present expectation has subsided. Since Monday, however, Dr. Locock has been domicitiated at the Palace, by the express desire of Prince Albert ; Privy Councillors, dry-nurses, and wet-nurses, have received notice to be in constant readiness for a summons ; and Sir Robert Peel's horses are kept harnessed night and day. The Queen is in exceUentlealth.

Her Majesty gave an audience, on Saturday, to Sir Martin Archer

Shee, President of the Royal Academy, and ratified the election of three Academicians who received their honours in February last. Yesterday, Lord Ellenborongh had an audience, to kiss hands on his appointment as Governor-General of India.

The Dutchess of Kent has visited the Palace daily ; and has usually joined the dinner-parties in the evening. On Tuesday, Viscount Mel- bourne made his reappearance at the dinner-table in the Palace, for the first time since the change of Ministry ; but on that day, unfortunately, his Royal mistress was unable to grace the board.

The Court Circular records a few visits. The Dutchess of Kent visited the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge at Kew, on Saturday, and was herself visited by Prince Ernest of Hesse Philippsthal. The Prince visited the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge on Monday. On Tuesday, the Dutchess of Gloucester received the Duke of Cambridge. Yester- day, Prince Ernest paid another visit to the Dutchess of Kent.

The Standard of last night publishes the following bulletin- .. Sudbury Hall, 27th October 1841. "Her Majesty the Queen Dowager has been suffering for the last few days from catarrhal affection ; which is now gradually giving way, and her Majesty is better this morning. D. Dams, M.D." Queen Adelaide was better on Thursday.

Prince Edward of Saxe Weimar arrived from Rotterdam yesterday, and proceeded to Sudbury Hall, on a visit to the Queen Dowager.