30 OCTOBER 1841, Page 6


At a meeting of the Edinburgh Town-Council, on Tuesday, a letter was read from Sir James Graham to the Lord Provost, dated October 13th, declining to establish a new Professorship in the University of Edinburgh and to attach to it one of the endowments of the Deans of the Chapel-Royal. Sir James says-'- "When I consider how few are the rewards and how small the endowments placed at the disposal of the Crown for the encouragement of superior learning and merit in the Church Establishment of Scotland, with all respect I am not prepared to give the pledge which your Lordship desires, and to promise that when the next vacancy occurs the proceeds of the vacant Deanery shall be applied to the endowment of a new Professorship. It is enough to decide on these questions when they arise, and it is most inexpedient to fetter the dis- cretion of future advisers of the Crown by promises which would be binding in circumstances not now foreseen."

Mr. Candlish, Mr. Cunningham, Mr. Maitland Makgill Crichton, and Mr. Leckie, have started on a new tour of Nonintrasion agitation ; the countenance of the Conservatives not being sufficiently trusted to forego the "pressure from without." Mr. Crichton has been reviving the spirit in Ayrshire. Mr. Candlish is reported to have made this decla- ration at Perth-

" Let it be clearly understood-let there be no misapprehension on the point-that the Church will accept of no settlement that touches in the slightest degree the sacredness of her discipline in the matter of the Strath- bogie ministers. If the Legislature offer us the very beat measure, even the abolition of patronage, with one hand, and with the other require us to restore these men to the ministry, we will reject the boon, so clogged, with scorn, as foully dishonouring to Him from whom we derive infinitely more than the State can give us. The Church has periled all-her honour, her integrity, upon that act of discipline; and if ate consent to any compromise, the sooner she ceases to be an establishment the better."