30 OCTOBER 1847, Page 11

Madame Grisi and Signor Mario have sent a donation of

501. to Mr. Frederick Beale, for the benefit of the children of the late Madame Albertson.

On Thursday last, the Reverend A. Chirol, late of Clare Hall, Cambridge, and curate to the Reverend W. J. E. Bennett, perpetual curate of St. Paul's Knights- bridge, with his wife, niece of Sir J. Ashburnham, Chancellor of the Cathedral of • Chichester, and with his mother, were received into the Holy Catholic Church by the Right Reverend Bishop Wiseman. The solemn pontifical of Pope Gregory was used, and the Te Deum chanted to the music of St. Ambrose. The sacrament of confirmation was administered at the same time.—Correspondent of the Times.