30 OCTOBER 1847, Page 11

The meeting of the Repeal Association specially called for Thursday

was a failure. The only Members of Parliament present were Mr. John O'Connell and Mr. Dillon Browne. The few who attended agreed to a wordy and turgid address of thanks to the Pope, which it was decided to send to the various parish-priests for their approval.

In the Dublin correspondence of the Morning Chronicle we find these two highly characteristic statements in juxtaposition- " The King's County Chronicle observes, To exhibit the incomprehensible eharacter of our peasantry, while they are fiercely demanding "out-door relief," they with the same voice threaten with vengeance any man who would have the temerity to appear in the capacity of rate-collector.' "The Galway Vindicator states that the rate in that union is strictly enforced against the poorer class of occupiers, whilst persons 'in the rank of gentry and wealthy farmers are allowed time by the collectors. It is stated that a collector has been reprimanded by the Guardians for the partiality."