30 OCTOBER 1847, Page 12


Amman—At Gravesend, 23d October, Cygnet, 3PLeod, from Adelaide; and Flo Tins* Hodgson, from Amman ; 24th, Morayshire, Barclay, from Launceston; 25th, B. Heape, Butler, from China; 27th, Chance, Wrangles, from Madras ; and Diadem, Vidler, from the Cape ; 28th, Helena, Moffatt, from Sydney ; Marla, Clark, from Cal- cutta; and Japan, Anwyl, from Madras. In the Downs, 27th, R. Cobden, Archibald, from Ceylon ; and H. Codner, Hamilton, from Mauritius; and 28th, Agnes Lea, APLean, from Calcutta. At Swansea, 22d, Waratah, Yolun, from Adelaide. At Shields, 26th, Tecumseh, Ingleton, from Mauritius. At Madras, 12th Sept. R. Small, Scott ; and Wellesley, Arrow, from London. At Ceylon, previous to 9th Sept. Morning Star, Heyward; Cheapside, Lewis ; and Berkshire, White, from London ; and Ferris, Scott, from Liverpool. At Sydney, 6th July, Lima, Faille, from Greenock; and Emma, Hyslop, from Cork.

SAILED—From Gravesend, 27th Oct. Hyderabad, Dcvey, for Sydney ; Wm. Hyde, Steward, for Calcutta; Lady Flora, Eagles, for Madras ; and Larkins, Gordon, for Bombay ; and 28th, Posthumous, Davidson, for Port Philip ; and Arab, Foster, for Ceylon.