30 OCTOBER 1847, Page 19


Tuesday, Oct. 26.

raarsirsantrs DISSOLVICD. Overton and Gait, Kilburn, cowkeepers-R. and J. Hilton, Nottingham, minters- Cowling and Dalby, York, share-brokers-Haigh and Womack, Leeds, stock broken; as far as regards J. W. SnOth-Laland and Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, commission- agents -Taylor and Pate, Burnley, cabinet-makers-Foster and Co. John Street, Bed. ford Row, attornles -Ellison and Sanders, Liverpool, stone-masons-G. and J. Jones, Liverpool, tailors-Mathews and Dudley, KIngswinford, coal-masters-Thompson and Sons, Halifax, corn-millers; as far as regards W. Thompson-Chunk Nail Company, Birmingham-R. and E. Fitch, Colville Terrace. Chelsea, cheesentongers-Spence and Falrelough, Liverpool, painters- Clark and Co. Fenchurch Street, tea-agenta-Musham and Hopkins, Nottingham-Crawshaw and Co. Rochdale, cotton-spinners-Lambourn and Ansel', Lower Marsh, Lambeth, coffeehouse-keepers-Gillett and Moore, Man- chester, printers-Dyer and Gibson, Grantham. chemists.


CAIITEE, A willowy, Romford, saddler, to surrender Oct. 29. Dec. 2: sollcItoll‘ Messrs. Rickards and Co Lincoln's Inn Fields; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coieman St. Mtwara, nooses, Manchester, calico-printer, Nov. 5.26 : solicitors, Messrs. Jan., son and Co. Temple ; Messrs. Iligson and Robinson, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

EVANS, ROBERT DAVIES. Wrexham, draper, Nov. 5, 30 m solicitors, Mr. PhUpot Junior., Montague Street, Russell Square ; Hr. Hughes, Wre.xlistm ; Messrs. Evans and Sous, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool. Furrcumt, Cnsatifs, Regent Street, watchmaker, Nov. 3, Dec. 1 : solicitors, Mauna. Taylor and Collison, Great James Street, Bedford Row ; OHCIaI assignee, Mr. Johnson. Basinghall Street.

FLINN, GEORGE JOHN, and DUNCAN, EDWAIID, Bankside, cider-merchants, Nov. 11, Dec 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Wire and Child, St. Swithin's Lane ; official assignee, Mt. Green, Aldermanbury. GEE, Joel., Dukinfleld, Cheshire, cotton-spinner, Nov. 9. 30: solicitors, Mr. Abbott, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square ; Messrs. Atkinson and Co. biauchester ; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester. GUEST, JAMES, Manchester. cotton-spinner, Nov. 6. Dec. 2: solicitors, Mr. Abbott, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square , Messrs. Atkinson and Co. Manchester; official assignee, Mr. Dobson, Manchester. HOOPER, Jous, Honiton, market-gardener, Nov. 4, 30 : solicitors, Messrs. Cloweit and Co. Temple ; Mr. Laidman, Exeter; official assignee, Mr. Hernaman, Exeter. HORSLEY. HOWARD, Liverpool, warehouseman, Nov. 5, 26: solicitors, Mr. Vincent, Temple ; Measrs. Liam and Fletcher, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Cazeuove, Liverpool.

Jamas, Aarrum, Newcastle-upon Tyne, oll-merchant, Nov. 5, Dec. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Bolding and Pope, Scott's Yard, Bush Lane ; Mr. Foster, .Newcastle-upon- Tyne ; official assignee, Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

KNAPP, HENRY, Abingdon, banker, Nov. 10, Dec. 23: solicitors, Mr. Neate, Lincolnl Inn Fields ; Mr. Ormond, Abingdon; official assignee. Mr. Johnson, Bardnghall Street. LAWRENCE, WILLIAM, Ealing, grocer, Nov. 2, Dec. 10 : solicitor, Mr. Esplu, Bedford Row ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street. Leaves. JOHN, Rickmansworth, coal-merchant, Nov. 6, Dec. 7 : solicitors, Meaux. Tucker and Co. Sun Chambers, Threadneedle Street; official assignee, Mr. Follett,' Sambrook Court, Basinghall Street. LEIGHTON, ANDREW, Liverpool, broker, Nov. 5, 26: solicitors, Messrs. Rowland and Co. Threadneedle Street ; Mr. Jevons, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan, Liverpool. LENTOS, Jogs, Bourn, Lincolnshire, butcher, Nov. 5, Dec. 3: solicitor, Mr. Lem, Nottingham ; official assignee, Mr. BIttleston, Nottingham. MARTIN, THOMAS, Nicholas Square, Hackney Road, victualler, Nov. 4, Dec. 8; tor, Mr. Thrupp, Winchester Buildings; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street. Mocurr-r, HENRY, New Shoreham, merchant, Nov. 8, Dec. 6: solicitors, /dears. Harbin and Co. Clement's Inn ; Mr. Mardall; official assignee, Mt. Turquand, old Jewry. PEARSON, Daum., Tipton, engine-manufacturer, Nov. 10, Dec. I: solicitors, Mr. Bolton, Dudley; Messrs. Motteram and Knowles, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Christie, Birmingham. RIDELIOOGH, THOMAS and Jolts, Halifax, worsted-spinners, Nov. 9, Dec. 7: solid-. tors, Messrs. Emmett and Co. Bloomsbury Square ; Messrs. Alexander and Heap merton, Halifax ; Mr. Courtenay, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Hope, Leeds. Ross, Jolts:, Ilkeston, Derbyshire, hosier, Nov. 5, Dec. 3: solicitor, Mr. Brown, Not- ' tingham ; official assignee, Mr. Bittleston, Nottingham. SCROLLS, R ICEIARD, Bury, grocer, Nov. 9, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Clarke and Co. Lin- cola's Ina Fields ; Mr. Whitehead, Bury; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester. SHAKESPEARE, RICHARD, Banbury, tailor, Nov. 4, Dec. 6: solicitor, Mr. Sharp, Gray's Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, pm Jewry Chambers. SMITH, W/LIAAM, Trawden, Lancedhire, cotton-manufacturer, Nov. 9, Dec. 6: soli- citors, Mr. Abbott, Charlotte Street, Bedford Square ; Messrs. Atkinson and Co. Man- chester; official assignee, Mr. Pott, Manchester.

Tamotsu, ilamor, Wolverhampton, scrivener. Nov. 3, 27: solicitors, Mr. Robinson, Wolverhampton ; Messrs. Motteram and Knowles, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Valpy, Bfruilugharn.

WARBURTON, MART, Bury, hat-manufacturer, Nov. 9, 30: solicitors, Means. Clarke and Co. Lincoln's Inn Fields; Mr. Whitehead, Bury ; official asaiguee, Mr. Pott, Man- chester. DIVIDENDS.

Nov. 20, Cogan, Leicester Square, glass-merchaut-Nov. 20, Jennings. Bungay, malt- ater-Nov. 17, F. and C. G. Wakefield, Old Broad Street, brokers-Nov. 17, Morton, Cannon Street Road,draper-Dec. 1, Burrows, Grove Street, Hampstead Road, builder- Nov. 18, Bryant, Stamford Hill, coal merchant-Nov. 19, Ager, Northampton, boot-ma- nufacturer-Nov. 19, W. S. Brown senior and Junior, Broad Street, Ratcliffe, sail-make= - Nov. 19, Yyse, Ludgate Street, straw-bonnet-maker-Nov. 19, M. E. and J. BeIl. Finch Lane, newsvenders-Nov. 19, Pinder, Southampton, tailor-Nov. 19, Houghton, Dudley Grove, Paddington, ironmonger-Nov. 17, Boyd and Banner, Spltal Square, silk-manufacturers-Nov. 16, Coney, Holderness Wharf, Harrow Road, mason-Nov. 16, May, Little Britain, baker-Nov. 19, Tydeman, Chelmsford, timber-merchant-Noy. 19, Heyday, Milk Street, silk-warehouseman-Nov. 18, Came junior, Fahnouth, grocer - Nov. 17, Burrows and Gliddon, Plymouth, brewers-Nov. 22, Hay, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, baker-Nov. Id, Basilan, Newcastie.upon-Tyne, music-seller-Nov. 17, Fay HMI, victualler-Nov. 23, M'Conkey and Howie, Lambeg, Downshlre, bleachers-Nov. 23, Berner, Birkenhead, tea-dealer.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day qf meeting, Nov. 16, Leek, Woodbridge, basket-maker-Nov. 17, Everett, Drury Lane-Nov. 16, Maude and Co. Northfleet, Portland cement-manufacturers-Nov. 17, Pitcher, Guild- rd Street, Russell Square- Nov. 16, Simmonds, Basinghall Street, law-stationer- Nov. 16, Jones, Birkenhead, chemist-Nov. 16, North, Livetpool, grocer-Nov. 16, Scott, Liverpool, hardware-dealer-Nov. 16, Ward, Liverpool, cloth-dealer-Nov. 16, Roberts, Liverpool, builder-Nov. 16, Aldridge, Liverpool, music-seller-Nov. 16, Crosse, Liverpool, stock-broker-Nov. 16, Robinson, Liverpool, blackamith-Nov. 30, Joues, Ledbury, Herefordshire, brewer. To be confirmed unless cause be shown to the contrary on or Wore Nov. 16.

Green, St. Saviour's, Southwark, wharfinger-Peari, Milton Street, Dorset Square, horse-dealer-T. and W. Stirling, Stratford, slaters-Bowles, Illorsmonden, Kent, victualler-Wain, Manchester, pocket-book-manufacturer - Weston, Manchester. musical-Instrument-seller-Hill, Liverpool, ironmonger-Yates, Liverpool, joiner- Forster and Davey, Leeds, flax-spinners-Ackling, Llaugeuech, Carmarthenshire, corn- dealer-Crump, Abergavenny, innkeeper.


Gaunt, Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, rape-dust-merchant ; first div. of Si. 8d. Oct. 28, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Stansfeld, Leeds-Strawbridge, Bristol, mason ; second die. of 2d. Oct. 27, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Acnunan, Bristol-Tay- lor, Huddersfield, commission-agent; first div. of 2s. 6d. Nov. 17, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Corbett, Mansfield, wool-dealer ; first div. of 155. Nov. 19, or any subsequent Friday ; Mr. Freeman, Shefeeld-J. and J. Woodhead, Bradford, Yorkshire, worsted-stoff.manufacturers ; third div. of 6d. Nov. 17, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds-Johnson, Sheffield, merchant; first div. of 3s. Nov. 19, or auy subsequent Friday ; Mr. Freeman, Sheffield-Norman junior, Richmond, Yorkshire, cabinet-maker ; second div. of 3d. Nov. 17, or any subsequent Wednewley ; Mr. Freeman, Leeds..-Cooban, Liverpool, brewer; second My. ol Is. 64. Oct. 28, or any subsequent Thursday; Mr. Turner, Liverpool-Griffiths, Liverpota, stationer ; first div. of 6s. Oct. 28, or any subsequent Thursday ; Mr. Cazenove, Liver- pool-Wenman, Ifirkenheid, wins-merchant: first city. of 8*. Oct. 28, or any sates.. gunk Thursday ; Mr. Cazenove, Liverpool—Pearson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, carrier; nest and final div. of 50. on new proof, any Saturday after Oct. 29; Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Panton and Co. Sunderland, iron-manufacturers; second and final div. of 2 2-3d. (in addition to 4s. 4d. previously declared), and a second and final div. of lid. (In addition to 6d. previously declared) on the estate of H. and T. W. Pen- ton, any Saturday after Oct. 29; Mr. Baker, Newcastle.upon-Tyne—Rollason, Birming- ham, glass-dealer; first div. of 2s. 9d. any Thursday ; Mr. Christie, Birmingham— Webb, Stafford, porter-dealer ; first div. of 3s. any Thursday ; Mr. Christie, BirmIng- ham—Townley, Blackburn, cotton-spinner ; first div. of 2g. 3d. Nov. 2, or any subse- quent Tuesday ; Mr. Hobson, Manchester—Cox, Manchester, wine merchant ; first div. of Is. 4d. Nov. 2, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Pon, 31anehester—Strawson and Young, Louth, chemists ; first illy. of 23. 541, on the separate estate of P. Strawson, and first div. of 10.. 10d, on the separate estate of T. 13. Young, Oct. 26, or any subsequent Tuesday ; Mr. Stausfeld, Hull.


WFARLANY., D., 31eams, Renfrewshire, farmer, Nov. 3, Dec. I.

WFARLANE, J., New Kilpatrick, Dumbartonshire, farmer, Nov. 1, 29.

MURRAY, W., Dundee, ironmonger, Nov. 3, 24. WADDELL, J., Cumbernauld, baker, Nov. 1,22.

Friday, Oct. 29.


Robinson and Steel, Liverpool, brokers—Taverner and Son, Old Street, St. Luke's, wire-workers--Taverner and Chilton, Old Street, St. Luke's, button-manufacturers ; as ar as regards T. J. Taverner—Sparke and Powell, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square, estate-agents—Edwards and Wright, Manchester, brickmakers—Nuttali and Oldham, Manchester, toolmakers—T. and C. Craven, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pawnbrokers— Beech and Co. Manchester, trush-manufacturers—Balubrigge and Dunnett. Uttoxeter, Staf- fordshire, attornies—Williams and George, Blaenavon Iron Works, Monmouthshire, brewers—Kelly and Barri% Liverpool, woollen-drapers—Irvine and Sons, Cooper's Row, Tower Hill, wine-merchants—Astbury and Co. Manchester, merchants—Willmot and Ludlam, Dudley, plumbers—Gill and Co. Tooiey Street, cider-merchants—R. and J. Abbot, Kendal, worsted-spinners—J. W. and J. Wright, Old Broad Street—Ingram and Co. Liverpool, merchants—E. and J. liumpage, Bristol, surgeons—Mordan and Hyde, Gcswell Road, golden-manufacturers—Hawkins, Brothers, Mayfield Place, Ken- sington, brewers—Chattaway and Collng, Stratford-upon-Avon, mercers—Bullock and CO. Wiatbromwich, iron-founders.


PROSSER, TnomAs, Worcester, builder.


BATHES, RICHARD, Liverpool, flour-dealer, to surrender Nov. 11, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Cornthwafte and Co. Old Jewry Chambers ; Mr. Pemberton, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool.

DowsiNG, WILLiAm, Ipswich, oilmen, Nov. 8, Dec. 10: solicitors, Mr. Kirk, Symond's Inn ; Mr. Galsvrorthy, Ipswich ; official assignee, Mr. Graham, Coleman Street.

DUPOUT, FRANCOIS, Cross Lane, St. Dunstan's Hill, wine-merchant, Nov. 5, Dec. 17; solicitor, Mr. Sangster, St. Swithin's Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Green, Aldermanbury.

FLASIIMAN, HENRY PANNELL, Bronipton, soda-water-manufacturer, Nov. 12, Dec. 9: solicitor, Mr. Lewis, New Inn ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street.

GUSTERSON, GABRIEL, Paradise Walk, Chelsea, builder, Nov. 4, Dec. 9: solicitors, Messrs. Lawrence and Piews, Old Jewry Chambers ; official assignee, Mr. Johnson, Basinghall Street.

HILL junior, JosErn, Southampton, bulkier, Nov. 10, Dec. 8: solicitor, Mr. Braiken- bridge, Bartlett's Buildings ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

JONES, Jona, Manchester, coal-dealer, Nov. 11, Dec.3 ; solicitors Messrs. Johnson Slid Co. Temple : Mr. Pollard, Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Hobson, Manchester.

MABBorr, JOSEPH, Milton next Graveseud, printer, Nov. 12, Dec 9: solicitor, Mr. Wilkinson, Nicholas Lane; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

BETEL, EDWARD SIMEON, and BR0WN8MITH, THOMAS GEORGE, Bedford Street, Covent Garden, fringe-manufacturers, Nov; 9, Dec. 10; solicitor, Mr. Tippetts, Pancras Lane ; official assignee, Mr. Turquand, Old Jewry Chambers.

M'GEomm, JONAH, Wardour Street, ironmonger, Nov. 5, Dec. 17: solicitor, Mr. Go- ren, Southmolton Street, Oxford Street ; official assignee, Mr. Follett, Basinghall St.

FROCKTER, GEORGE, and Co. Rochdale, cotton-spinners, Nov. 16, Dec. 7. solicitors, Mr. Abbott, Charlotte Street ; Messrs. Atkinson and Co. Manchester ; official assignee, Mr. Fraser, Manchester.

&Arm, Ilicslitan Breams, Leytonstone, Essex, boarding-housekeeper, Nov. 12, Dec. 9% solicitor, Mr. Shaw, Fish Street Bill; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

SMITH, Tawas, Swineshead, Lincolnshire, cattle-salesman, Nov. 5, Dec. 3: solici- tor, Mr. Brown, Nottingham ; official assignee, Mr. Bitfleston. Nottingham.

STOCKHAII, JOHN, Bristol, marble-mason, Nov. 16, Dec. 14: solicitors, Mr. Jay, Sergeant's Inn ; Mr. Crosby, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, Bristol.

SMITH, PRINCE Wuzlear, Bristol, currier, Nov. 16, Dec. 10; solicitor, Mr. Dix, Bristol ; official assignee, Mr. Acraman, BristoL SPENCE, jAmEs, Liverpool, merchant, Nov. 11, 30: solicitors, Messrs. Cotterill and Son, Throgmorton Street ; Messrs. Fletcher and Hull, Liverpool ; official assignee, Mr. Turner, Liverpool.) TUPLING, Joins, Cambridge, shoemaker, Nov. 11, Dec. 8: solicitors, Mr. Ravens- croft, Guildford Street, Russell Square ; Mr. Cooper, Cambridge ; official assignee, Mr. Bell, Coleman Street Buildings.

WAINWRIGHT, Joust, Birmingham, draper, Nov. 13, Dec. 4: solicitors, Messrs. Sale and Co. Manchester ; Mr. Suckling, Birmingham ; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.

WALTON, BENJAMIN, Wolverhampton, japanner, Nov. 13, Dec. 14: solicitors, Messrs. Clark and Sparrow, Wolverhampton; Messrs. Motteram and Knowles, Birmingham ; official assignee, 31r. Whitmore, Birmingham.

WILLIS. WILLIAM, Trowbridge, Wiltshire, wool-broker, Nov. 12, Dec. 10 solicitors, Messrs. Mout and Co. Melksham ; official assignee, Mr. Hutton, Bristol.

Witmer, CtiABLEs, Sunderland, hatter, Nov. 4, Dec. 17: solicitors, Messrs. Maples and Co. Old .Jewry; Messrs. Wright, Sunderland; official assignee, Mr. Wakley, New-

castle-upon-Tyne. DIVIDENDS.

Nov. 22, Bennett and Reeve, London Road, victuallers—Nov. 23, Aldebert and Co. Copthall Buildings, merchants—Nov. 23, Stevens, Abchurch Lane, merchant—Nov. 26, Stout, Liverpool, bootmaker—Nov. 19, Dawn, Mansfield, Notthighamshire, draper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on the day of meeting.

Nov. 20, Smith, Botley, Hampshire, chairmaker—Nov. 19, Rollings, Portsmouth, stay- manufacturer—Nov. 20, Dodge, Cumberland Row, It alworth Road, Ironmonger—Nov. 18, Pavey sea., Bristol, mason—Nov. 20, Watson, Dewsbury, Yorkshire, farmer—Nov. 20, Bellby andKaberry, Leeds, flax-spinners—Nov. 19, 31111er. Liverpool, sadler—Nov. 20, Morris, Walsall, saddlers'ironmonger—Nov. 24, Gardiner, Hereford, cattle-dealer- Nov. 24, Ilolford, Wolverhampton, jeweller—Dec. 21, Bowen, Coventry, clothier—Nov. 26, Fenton, Ockbrook, Derbyshire, hosier.

To be confirmed unless cause be shown to the contrary on or before Nor. 19.

Woodgate, Westmoreland Place, Southampton Street, Camberwell, auctioneer—Wes- ton, Southampton, auctioneer—Sir F. Knowles, Bart., Queen Street, Mayfair, hanker- PhIllippo, Cross Street, Finsbury, dealer in horses—Skipworth, Belton, Lincolnshire, clerk—Sykes, Bishopsgate Street, carrier—Stephenson, Horncastle, Unendraper—Heard sen., Barking, smack-owner—Smith, Ashton in Mackerfield, Lancashire, eatton-spinner —Myth, Barnstaple, Wine-merchant.


CON, Belvidere Road, Lambeth, barge-builder ; div. of 3.. 314. on account of first div. of 4s. on any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street—Partridge, Chelteuham, coal-merchant ; second div. of 4d. Nov. 3, or any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Acre- man, Bristol—Grieves, South Shields, grocer • first and final div. of Is. 5d. Oct. 30, or any subsequent Saturday Mr. Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne—Parsons, Medway Street, llorseferry Road, Westminster, baker ; first div. of 9d. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street—Bowles, Horsemonden, Kent, victualler ; first div. of id. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street—Jones, Grosvenor Row Pimlico, oilman ; first div. of 4s. 64. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street — Temperley, King William Street ; first div. of 21d. any Wednesday ; Mr. Whitmors, Basingliall Street—Burgess, Ramsgate, coachmaker ; first div. of 41d. any Wednesday; Mr. Whitmore, Basingball Street—Rootes, Ross, Herefordshire, doctor of medicine ; first div. of 41d. any Thursday; Mr. Christie, Birmingham—Hallowell, Newcastle-upon- Tyne, maltster ; first di?. of 24. 341. Oct. 30, or any subsequent Saturday, Mr. Wakley, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.


BosTninci, T., EdEnburgh, stock-broker, Nov. 5, 26. nasal., J., and Co., Glasgow, silk-mercers, Nov. 3, 24. FRENCH, R. and J., Coltness, wood-merchant, Nov. 3, Dec. I. KNOWLES, J. S., Port-Bannatyne, publisher, Nov. 2, 23. MORTIMER, A., Aberdeen, baker, Nov. 6, Dec. 4. WEBsTER, J., Montrose, merchant, Nov. 2, 23.