30 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 1


VERY little information has transpired this week about the V Fenia.na. The Government continues to make arrests, but no one of any importance has yet been found connected with the movement. A man named Archdeacon has been seized at Liverpool, supposed to be a great " centre," but he was only a news-agent, and the stories of Fenian feeling in the garrison of Cork are pro- bably myths, the men accused being evidently only Fenians when drunk. The Americans laugh at the idea of the Fenian organiza- tion on their side being formidable, and there is a disposition among some Irish journals to condemn the arrests as precipitate. On the other hand the evidence points to a genuine plot for a rising, during which all Orangemen were to be killed, to ideas of a division of property, and to the consequent prevalence among the lowest classes, particularly of farm servants, of great sympathy with Fenianism. The Government appears quite determined to bring the plotters to trial.