30 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 1

The Berlin correspondent of the Times sends some remarkable intelligence

from Russia. He says that there is a " young Georgia" growing up, that there was recently a serious 6neute in Tiflis, and that the outburst of national feeling produced by th3 Polish insurrection has encouraged the Russians to press the chain down tighter on subject nationalities. The Times hereupon suggests that the vast Russian empire which stretches from the White to the Black Sea, and from the Baltic to the Yellow Sea, may yet be broken up from within. Possibly, provided any nationality can secure the alliance of a section of the Russians themselves ; otherwise, we fear, not. The true Russians out- number the conquered peoples too greatly, and are too deeply penetrated with the imperial feeling for insurrection to be success- ful. It is in the rise of a federal idea springing from the grow- ing -weariness of centralization that we must look for that ultimate necessity—the disintegration of Russia. That weariness is sp ing fast.