30 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 2

It is asserted in this country that the addition of

the Hudson's Bay Territory to Canada will not strengthen that colony. The Toronto Globe thinks otherwise, and draws a most enticing picture of the new possession. It is full, says that journal, of " boundless prairies," upon which feed " enormous herds " of buffaloes, with ample streams, " rich deposits of gold," " vast fields of coal," and a climate like that of Washington. It is a little indefinite all that, but most of it is true, the real difficulty being access. There is nothing the average emigrant so much dreads as an indefinite march through a thinly-settled region of which he does not know the geography. The British labourer or

artisan rapidly becomes a man of resource, but he is not so when be starts, and wants the help of population round him. The -Globe suggests very wisely that there are emigrants who do not care for ploughing, and that these prairies will afford a magnificent field for stock breeding.