30 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 2

Sir Stafford Northcote and Mr. Coleridge spoke on Monday at

Exeter on middle-class examinations. Sir Stafford's was but a poor speech. He glorified Exeter effectively enough, but then sub- sided into truisms about "grounding," and "accuracy," and the value of parsing, which Exeter may want, but the world does not. That " accuracy is the foundation of all good, honest work" is tree, but undisputed. Mr. Coleridge on the other hand hit a blot in the examinations, arguing that the study of Greek and Latin ought to be made compulsory. It seems that only one scholar from the Exeter " centre " had passed in Latin, and not one in Greek, which sufficiently explains the general break-down in grammatical analysis of which Sir Stafford Northcote complained.