30 SEPTEMBER 1865, Page 3

The worst aspect of the evidence given in the trial

of Captain Wirz for the horrible treatment of the Northern prisoners at Andersonville,—the starvation, the lice, the bloodhounds,—sum- marized with terrible force and perspicuity in our New York correspondent's letter, is that it proves that the Government at Richmond were acquainted by their own inspector (Colonel Chandler), in the most forcible language, with the inhumanity of General Winder to the Andersonville prisoners, and having re- ceived the recommendation that he should be dismissed, they still retained him in the command. Some foolish person has sent us a request for a subscription to a small testimonial, " an illus- trated Bible," to be presented to Mrs. Jefferson Davis. We feel no anger towards Mrs. Davis, and we trust her husband will yet be pardoned by the clemency of the North, but we see no appropriateness in giving her an illustrated Bible. There must be already plenty of painful pictures burnt in on the Southern leader's memory without reminding him of Audersonville by illustrating the plague of lice, or appending any drawing to the text " that thy foot may be dipped in the blood of thine enemies, and the tongues of thy dogs may be red through the same."