30 SEPTEMBER 1938, Page 18

SIR,—DO the critics of the Prime Minister's realistic efforts I(


[To the Editor of THE SPECTATOR]

peace wish us to fight for democracy or balance of power ? The Liberal and Labour Press ask us to stand firm for demo- cracy. Mr. Churchill and incidentally the Left Book Club in their campaign argue that we must keep a strong Czech Staic in being so that Germany shall not have a freer hand to attack England or France at some later date.

In other words, defending democracy in this instance realh means playing the old game of Power politics—or as Germany can truthfully describe it—the policy of encirclement. Before the youth of Europe are again slaughtered in their thousands may they not be told truthfully the real reasons for which they are being asked to give their lives ? A general European war either to defend democracy or to encircle Germany would be worse than futile—such a conflict for a dishonest combination of the two should be unthinkable.—Yours, &c., PHILIP S. MUMFoIW.

Farley Green Farm, A/bury, near Guildford.