30 SEPTEMBER 2000, Page 32

Winners of the drugs war

From Dr Perry Sir: The Colombian ambassador CA stupid


war', 23 September) makes an excellent and informed case, but misses one impor- tant aspect. The money-flow in the drugs trade is from the victims of crime to the users, who pay the dealers and traffickers, who in turn pass a small percentage to the growers. Legalising use would cause a dra- matic fall in price, a parallel fall in associat- ed crime, elimination of the traffickers' profits and increased income to the small growers. Using the enormous resources now spent fighting the war on education might even reduce demand. So who would be the loser? When the phoney drugs war is finally understood and analysed, there is no doubt that the main proponents of the war will turn out to be those who benefit most from the present regime — the criminals.

C.J. Perry

Croyde, Devon