31 AUGUST 1839, Page 5

The Conservatives of Hull and Shrewsbury have had public (Beaters.

The.specches oil both occasions appear to hot vet been pstrticularly flat. Sir Henry Ilardinoe has much:I:esti S.nith Park, Peuslotest, in Kent; and the gallant General intends making it Ids reeidence.—straidatune Journal.

'The Bishop of Winchester is paying an official visit to the Channel Islands ; his Lordship arrived at Guernsey mi. the 14th.—Sherburne Journal.

The Corporation of Iaellosv have receive 1 notices from the agents of Earl Powis, that if they attempt to retiew any of the leases held

tinder them, the Court of Cb tee .;•11 11,1' gu ioionetiott agaiest the Town-Council to

'We understand that Lewis Li.oh, E ;!: !.., el ci 1»ideor. :1.1:: pur- chased the property at Wing, leetly bsioae;;: the F. ;el nt (, :teeter-

field. Tile ;Aire:how-money, without ilia v.c.teoitoo. of Cr,. timber, iS nearly 170,0001.—D/roles Herald.

The British Association for the promoth,n of science comme iced its session at Birmingham on Monday. The attendance was not numerous.

Colonel Pasley made an attempt on Thursday to blow up the Roydl George, sunk iii Portsmouth harbour ; bat, from some cause murex.- pluirted, the powder did not explode.

The Great Western left Bristol ma Saturday for New York, with 112 passengers, many of whom sleep on sofas, all the berths being taken.

The number of recruits whieh arrive :It Chatham daily is very great. Parties of 70 to 100 each are almost hourly marching in,' and the old sergeants who have the care of them *emit to have enough to do to keep theni in order.—Kenlish Gazette.

In consequence of the lateness of the harvest, the Cheshire farmers have requested that partridge-shooting should be postponed until the let of October.

Great slaughter has been made amongst hoc frOtISC on tlw bills of Sir Charles Morgan, in the county of Brecon ; the worthy baronet having kindly opened a portion of his bills for the amusement and gra- tification of those gentlemen who are lovers of time sport, several of them from the neighbouring counties were up by break of day on the 12th. A party is staying et e'ir Charles's shooting-box at Crewe, who, we understand, have had excellent sport.—Beacen.

We hear various reports of tile game; in some situations the par- tridges and pheasants are very plentiful and strong on the wing, whilst in others it is said that there are more old birds than young ones. Ilares are tolerably plentiful.--Here/hed Journet.

Lord George Bentinek disputes a decision of the stewards at Brighton Races against the claim of his horse Ratsbane to the Brighton stakes. The decision was made on the ground that liatsbane went on tile wrong side of a post. But Lord George promises to prove in a court of law that this (Ed not happen.