31 AUGUST 1872, Page 3

It would seem that the relations between the Courts of

Munich and Berlin are not of the most cordial character. King Ludwig is angry at slights of some unexplained kind, avoided the Crown Prince when he visited Bavaria, and has declined an invitation to meet the Emperors of Austria and Russia. The Ultramontane party believe that he was annoyed at the passing of the law against the Jesuits, and represents Catholic feeling in the matter ; but as he is a special protector of Dr. Dullinger, and has sup- ported him against the Vatican, this can scarcely be the case. The law against the Jesuits, moreover, was carried by the popular party in the Reichstag, and only accepted by the Imperial Government, which even now would gladly welcome any reason- able compromise. It is much more probable that the King is irritated by some interference with the discipline of his Army, a subject upon which the Berlin Court would show very little regard for anything except its own ideas.