31 AUGUST 1878, Page 1

A still more important victory was gained on Tuesday in

Argyleshire, when Lord Colin Campbell was returned, by a majority of 355, over the Conservative candidate, Mr. Malcolm, who, at first at least, was so confident of success that he resigned a safe seat for Boston, to contest Argyleshire. Lord Colin Campbell polled 1,462 votes against only 1,107 given for Mr. Malcolm. And the seat is a gain for the Liberals, for whereas the Marquis of Lorne almost always voted with the Government, Lord Colin's views are in effect those not of his brother, but of his much abler father. Even as late as Wednesday the Conservative journals—the Daily Telegraph amongst the fore- most—regarded Lord Colin as leading only a forlorn-hope for "a lost cause." But forlorn-hopes do occasionally win a great victory, and it is evident that Argylesbire holds by its chief, not only with the loyalty of a people towards their social head, but with the loyalty of politicians who value the guidance of a, favourite statesman. Lord Colin is a young man, but his elec- tioneering campaign has proved him a very able one.