31 AUGUST 1878, Page 1

The news of the week from Bosnia is that while

in the neigh- bourhood of Serajevo, the Austrian army of occupation seems to have cleared the country of its opponents, General Szapary, at Doboi, is still in a very critical position, having borne the burden of a fortnight's incessant fighting, which is still going on. It is even said that the Sheik-al-Islam has issued a manifesto summon- ing all true Mussulmans to rally round the Prophet's standard ; and if this be true, the Austrians have certainly no light work before them. They are going to increase the army of occupation to 200,000 men. Evidently, it needs an imposing force to per- suade the Mahommedan Bosnians that Austria came there in the part of a deliverer.