31 AUGUST 1878, Page 14


(TO THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIH,—The remark by one of your correspondents, whose letter you published on the 17th inst., that the doctors in America were now sending patients suffering from disease of the lungs some 6,000 feet up in the mountains, induces me to write to say that this place is not nearly enough known in England. This valley, which can be reached in two days from England, lies about 5,200 feet above sea-level ; it is protected by lofty mountains on every side,

and wonderful instances of cure and improvement, in cases of lung disease and nervous diseases, are known to every one living or staying at Davos-am-Platz. Full information about Davos will be found in a most interesting paper, "Davos in Winter," which appeared in the July number of the Fortnightly, written by Mr. J. A. Symonds, who has himself derived much benefit from the splendid air of this beautiful valley. A German doctor who speaks English, an English chaplain, and a landlord, in the person of Herr Coester, who understands what English people require, and devotes himself to making them comfortable, renders this a capital place in which to spend the winter. The valley has long been known to the Germans, but has only been found out by the English in the last two or three years. More than 500 visitors, of whom some 60 were English, spent last winter at Davos, and nearly all of whom derived real benefit from their winter sojourn in the Alpine snow.—I am, Sir, &c., S. FLOOD PAGE.

Daros-Platz, Canton Grisons, Switzerland, August 26t1.

[We visited Davos-am-Platz more than eleven years ago. It is, no doubt, difficult to over-rate the medicinal quality of its air ; but it must always be a dull place, from the unrelieved flatness of the high table-land, and the complete environment of mountain. —En. Spectator.]