31 AUGUST 1878, Page 2

In- another part of the Circular . tke same in effect

is said. of Crete, though the Congress did not even propose to sever poor Crete from the sway with which it is so profoundly content. The Sultan is convinced, says Safvet Pasha, that the Great Powers, enlightened by this circular, will change their mind, and will impress on Greece the duty of chastenin,g its own unlawful desires for "an enterprise equally unjust and impolitic." "In any case, Europe will never seek to follow Greece- along- the dangerous path, and thus run the risk of jeopardising its work of pease The Circular conveys a • point-blank refusal to yield anything to Greece, except under the constraint of physical compulsion. When did Turkey ever underrate the enormous force of passive resistance ? Influencing Turkey, is like-com- pressing water.