31 AUGUST 1878, Page 2

The Report of the Rhodope Commission was signed -on Sunday

at Buynkdere, by the British, French, Italian, and Turkish dele- gates. The Russian and the German delegates declined to sign it, while the Austrian was absent from illness. Of course it is assumed by the pro-Turks thatthe Rnsi an delegate declined to sign it because it incriminated some of hispeople, and the German, from a wish to make common cause with the Russians. And so-it may be. It is, however, much more probable that the German dele- gate acted 'independently, and thought- some of. the evidence accepted by the Commission doubtful. Germany is certainly in a position -of -complete impartiality. The Germans are too strong to wish to please Russia at any sacrifice of their own honourable feeling, and-too sternly oivilised. to wish: to screen brutality or barbarism of any sort. If, however, we maytrust the evidence of the DailyiVews' correspondent, .Russia cannot have come out of the inquiry with clean hands, while the- Bhlgarians have doubtless been guilty of irightful exoesses of .vindictiveness.