31 AUGUST 1878, Page 22

We have to notice the Proceedings of the Royal Colonial

Institute, Vol. IX., 1877-8. (Sampson Low and Co.)—The papers in this volume are of varied and interesting character. "Indian Famines, and how to Modify the Causes that lead to Them," by R. H. Elliot ; "Queensland and Chinese Immigration," by A. Maealister ; "New Zealand and the South-Sea Islands, and their Relation to the Empire," by Sir Julian Vogel ; "A Colonial Naval Volunteer Force," are the titles of some of them. The discussion that followed the statement of 'Mr. Macalister's views about the Chinese—and they were strongly unfavourable—is peculiarly interesting. One thing is quite clear, that the "heathen Chine° " is no joke to those who have to do with him. And it may safely be said that it is impossible to solve the perplexing problem which he presents by a priori and abstract considerations. A possible invasion of the civilised world by four hundred millions of beings who are absolutely immoral is not a matter to be easily disposed of.