31 AUGUST 1878, Page 3

A German (Herr Otto Frankenau) has invented a-purse con- taining

a revolver in one of its divisions, so situated that it can be fired with great readiness, while you 'appear only to be opening your purse to hand over its contents to the robber. The re- volver has five chambers, and can be levelled without being seen. No doubt this purse will be a great terror, but more to its owners than its plunderers. Even though it does take a "rather strong pull on the trigger" to let it off, few owners would be happy with it in their pocket. Like the ironclad rams, it would be more likely, under ordinary circumstances, to destroy a consort than a foe,—unless, indeed, the foe was one of your own household; and even then it might be dangerous to cut him off by a surprise.'