31 DECEMBER 1994, Page 37

Solution to 1188: Quotation by 11/18

ID 121.12V A'S i 'CI OS 0 7A RAE Errwt-1 S E "C PI U R C T L 41 E VIE R A COE/ T"A H 11:14111 7E S S E VI _E RI A T E VA A G NCO L *14$ OIATIS EFOI F 011PE A B U L RI I FI,O,' Li I ii E G M 91 Fl Lc Y 1 RI H S P EPP 2"iix NI A Fill- H . t I NSE.NIG3tIDDEFIIAE N L V CrANA1GRAMS IS V A R I OH' 0 NI V In I ITV ADIET II ARDI NE EEERITIA NTIEEA _4■._ i'ITRINITIIAWER Quotation by CHURCH/GI. (11/18): `We are waiting for the long- promised invasion. So are the fishes.' First prize: E. G. Cowieson, Nairn, Inverness-shire; Runners-up: M. Nash, Cheltenham; R. Sherman, Richmond.

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