31 DECEMBER 1994, Page 42

Using this Index

Arrangement of entries Entries are arranged in letter-by-letter alphabetical order, i.e. spaces between words are ignored. Thus the entry 'Asher, Michael' precedes 'As Much as I Dare'. Abbreviations are indexed as written (i.e. 'Mr' follows all entries and precedes all 'Mui entries), with two exceptions: 'St' is indexed as if spelt out as 'Saint', and 'Mac' and its variations are all treated as if spelt 'Mac'.

Use of italics Entries in italics are titles — either of leading or feature articles in The Spectator, or of books, magazines and newspapers, or of plays, films, operas, ballets, exhibitions etc reviewed or mentioned, Page references are in the form: (Day) (Month) (Page), i.e. date of issue followed by page number. Thus '2 Jul 48' means '2 July issue, page 48', Where a subject occurs more than once in an issue, the reference may appear thus: '8 Oct 5(LA), 6(PC)'.

The nature of contributions is indicated by the letter or letters which follow the page reference. Thus '3 Dec 51(R)' refers the reader to a book review appearing in the 3 December issue on page 51. Where successive references in a list are to the same type of contribution the distinguishing letter may be inserted after the last of them only. Thus the entries '3 Dec 40, 10 Dec 35, 17 Dec 61(L)' all refer to letters. A list of the distinguishing letters used is printed at the head of the next page.

All leading and 'front' feature articles are indexed by title, as are all books (under author and title), plays, films, operas etc which are either specifically reviewed or men- tioned at length.

In addition, contributions are indexed under the subjects they deal with, usually with a brief indication of their main contents.

In order to save space and to group together references on similar subjects, a number of general headings such as 'Children', 'Education', 'Financial' and 'Press' are used, as well as the names of countries and organisations. References which there is no room to index separately can often be traced from entries under these general headings.

Issue Numbers

No. Date No. Date 8660 2 July 8673 1 October 8661 9 i, 8674 8 H 8662 16 ii 8675 15 ,, 8663 23 ft 8676 22 II 8664 30 IT 8677 29 H 8665 6 August 8678 5 November 8666 13 8579 12 ll 8667 20 ,. 8680 19 H 8668 27 ii 8681 26 i, 8669 3 September 8682 3 December 8670 10 8683 10 i, 8671 17 ,, 8684/5 17/24 ,, 8672 24 H 8686 31