31 JANUARY 1852, Page 7

The Paris correspondence of yesterday describes a dinner of imperial

splendour given by President Bonaparte in the great diningroom of the Palace of the Tuileries, to a party of forty-three guests, selected almost exclusively from "the Clite of the English society in Paris." Englishmen at home will read some of the names in the following list with surprise- " The Marquis of Bath, the Marquis of Hertford, the Marquis and Marchioness of Douglas, Lord and Lady Ernest Bruce, Lord and Lady Frederick Gordon Hallyburton, Lord and Lady Poltimore Lord Adolphns Fitzelarenee Viscount Ranelagh, Lord Alfred Churchill.: Mr. and Lady Mary Christopher, Mr. and Mrs. Baillie Cochrane, the Honourable Spencer Cowper, Viscount Clifden, Mr. Henry Baring, Baronage Delmar, Mr. and Mrs. Cavendish, Sir Henry and Lady Ellis, the Honourable George Staf- ford Terningham, the Honourable William Stuart, Mr. Augustus Paget, Mr. Corbett, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Lady Farquhar and Mise Farquhar, Miss :Stew- art Mackenzie, of Seriforth, Mr. and Mn. E. Blount, and the two Mines Kennedy Erskme." Of course the President took the opportunity to say how much he re- spected England,—indeed, he included her institutions /—and how little he desired to make war with her : the rumour that he intended war was "simply absurd."

In the sitting of the Germanic Diet at Frankfort, on the 24th, was pre- sented the note of Lord Granville, our Foreign Minister, in answer to the application of the Diet on the subject of the foreign refugees in England. A foreign journal gives a summary of the note, which makes it conclude thus- ." The Government of the Queen, although not having any intention to propose to Parliament changes in the laws which concern refugees, is, how- ever, obliged to admit that the refugees have occasionally abused the hospi- tality vouchsafed to them. The Government will endeavour to Majesty's

a barrier to their irregularities ; and, on its side, it expects that her kWjesty's subjects, who are not suspected of any malpractices, shall not be any longer disquieted in the territory of the Confederation."