31 JANUARY 1852, Page 8


STOOL Excwozz, FRIDAY Arm:Noon. The English Funds have undergone some fluctuation, although the result of the week's business has been to establish the closing quotations of this afternoon within I per cent of those of last Saturday. In the early part of the week, the Stoat pressing upon the market was absorbed by the purchases made on account of the Sinking-fund, the Savings-banks, and the Bank of England. Consols consequently rose about k per cent. On Wednesday and yesterday, however, the sales predominated ; the large capitalists having evidently sold Stock. Among the more important operations, we may notice a sale of 200,000/. on account of one of the Insurance Companies ; that amount, it is said, having been lent to the Commissioners of Sewers. So extensive were sales on Wednesday, that three brokers sold 340,000/. Stock for money ; a very large sale, also for money, occurred yesterday; and un- der the united effect of all these proceedings, Consols gave way to the whole extent of the previous advance, the price for Money and Account having been as low as 964. A slight improvement has occurred, and the closing quotation this afternoon is 961 4. Mo- ney still continues very abundant, and the premium of Exchequer Bills has advanced about 2s.—namely, to 61s. The rate of discount in Lombard Street is from lk to 2i per cent ; while in the Stock Exchange loans upon the security of English Stock have been easily obtainable at the rite of 14 per cent per annum. Higher rates were obtainable in some cases today upon the security of Foreign Stocks, in consequence of its being set- tling-day in the Foreign Market. Some estimate may be formed of the small value of money, by the fact that the East India Company lent, the other day, a large sum to an eminent capitalist for two months at the rate of 1 per cent per annum.

The transactions in Foreign Bonds have not been important, and prices are generally, with the exception of Mexican Bonds, rather lower : these latter have improved, in consequence of the anticipated arrival ofE00,000 dollars, on account of the dividends. It is reported that a loan for Belgium, to the extent of 1,000,0001. sterling, in a Five per Cent Stock, has been negotiated at par by the house of Rothschild and some Bel- gian capitalists; but as yet no attempts have been made to introduce it upon our Exchange. It is generally believed that attempts will be made to nego- tiate other foreign loans in the course of the present year hence it is not surprising that Foreign Funds languish. The fluctuations in the Railway Share Market have not been extensive, and the quotations today do not differ materially from those of Saturday. Midland, North-western, and Lancashire and Yorkshire, are about 1/. higher. The French Shares have undergone some fluctuation ; the oscillations having been small, but frequent. The prices of this afternoon are rather higher than those of last week.

• The discoveries of gold made at Sydney and Port Phillip have turned the attention of the inhabitants of Australia generally to mining affairs. By the last overland mail, advice, to the 20th October were received from Perth, in Western Australia, which inform us of the success of the Geraldine Mi- ning Company. The Geraldine is a copper mine ; and if the workings should continue as productive as they had been for some short time previous to the date of the letter in question, the result would equal the success of the Burm Nine in South Australia.


The French Funds improved about 4 per cent yesterday in Paris, the opening price of the Five per Cents having been 102.95, and the closing quotation 103.50. This advance was known here after the usual hours of business yesterday afternoon, and Consols consequently then improved to 961 4, at which price the market opened this morning, and hes since been without variation. Nothing of importance has occurred in the Foreign Funds, of which the quotations are nominally the same as yes- terday. The Share Market is without fluctuation, with but little doing. Eastern Counties are in demand, it being reported that the dividend for the half-year will be from 3s. to 58. per share. The following are the principal transactions—Eastern Counties, 7 74; Scottish Midland, 8/. • SATURDAY Two o'Ctocr.

The English Funds have declined i in the almost total absence of mi. portent business, the closing price of Consols being 961 f. In the Foreign- Market, Grenada Deferred Stock has advanced from 41 to 51; this improve- ment has been occasioned by the reported adoption by the Government of Republic of an extensive scheme of emigration, in conjunction with the construction of a railway and canal, promoted by some of the most eminent of our engineers and railway-contractors, who in consideration of their comple- tion of the proposed improvements at stipulated prices, are to receive large ter- ritorial grants,upon which it is proposed to locate the British and other labour- ers employed upon the public works when these shall be finished. The other transactions in 'Foreign Bonds have been as follows—Equador, 34; Grenada Deferred, 41 51 ; Mexican, 311 4; Peruvian, 934; Sardmian Fire per Cents,. 881; Spanish Active, 4044 4; Venezuela Deferred, 121; Dutch Two-and-a half per Cents, 58; Ditto Four per Cents, 90k. No:material variation has occurred in the Railway Share Market, and the business in French Shares has been quite unimportant. The following aro the principal bargains—Aberdeen, 11.1; Ambergate, Notts, and Boston, 6; Caledonian, 15; Eastern Counties, 74k; East Lancashire, 154; Great Northern, 184 1 ; Ditto Half-shares B 6 per Cent, 14; Great Southern and Western, (Ireland,) 36; Great Western, 851 64; Lancashire and Yorkshire, _ 614 4; London and Blackwell, 61; London and South-western, 86; Mid- land, 554 4; Norfolk, 22 3; Scottish Midland, 184 91; South-eastern and. Dover, 204; York, Newcastle, and Berwick, 174; Ditto Extension, 124; York and 'North Midland, 214 1 ; Hull and Selby, 107 8; Royston and. Hitchen, 81 1 ; Ditto Shepreth Extension, 81.

58 9t 90



31 90 2 112 14 1004 i

gf i

— 88 9


An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 8th Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Notes issued £31,382,360

BA3111.1140 D17.111100fr.

Proprietors' Capital £14,553,000 Government Securities. On- Rest 3,249,662 eluding Dead WeightAnnuityl £13,269,098 Public Depoeite• 4,768,121 Other Securities 11,336.325 Other Deposits 12,187,177 Notes 10,741,950 Seven Day and other Bills 1,140,577 Gold and Silver Coin 551,164 f.35,898,537 £35,618,537. • Including Exchequer, Savings-Banks, Commissioners of National Debt, It Dividend Accts.

3 per Cent Consols 964 I Dutch 23 per Cents Ditto for Account 964 4 Ditto 4 per Cents 3 per Cent Reduced 97

Mexican .5 per Cents 1846...

31 per Cents 98 4 Peruvian 6 per Cents Long Annuities —

Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842.

Bank Stock


17 Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824.

Exchequer Bills 58 61 pm Russian 5 per Cents India Stock — — Ditto 43 per Cents

Brazilian 5 per Cents

93 5 Spanish Active 5 per Cents..

Belgian 43 per Cents 91 3 Ditto 3 per Cents 1642 Chilian 6 per Cents 101 $ Sardinian Scrip Danish 5 per Cents 1023 84 Ditto Bonds Danish 3 per Cents 76 8

Saturday, the 24th day of Jan. 1831.

ISSUE 031,11'10DM.

£31,382,360 Government Debt £11,015,104 Other Securities 2,981.600 Gold Coin and Bullion 17,348,985 Sliver Bullion 33,376