31 JANUARY 1852, Page 9

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20 Pore/jester Terrace, 27th January 1852. Sin—At the present moment every man has his pet scheme for keeping the soil of Britain sacred from the foot of an invader. Why should I not have mine ? Here it is in one word. Tit for tat, or counter-invasion. • Let it be made clear to the Usurper, that at the very first blush of such a design as has been attributed to him, from fifty to eighty thousand men, composed of foreign refugees and British volunteers, with Changarnier and Lamo- riciere at their head, would be landed on the French coast, to restore to France her murdered liberty; and depend upon it we shall hear not a word more about invasion. The Usurper knows but too well that the advent of such a force would be hailed with acclamation by the great mass of the French nation, whom two short months' experience has effectually roused from their Napoleonic trance. Even the servile ministers of his nefarious will would be the first to seize him and hand him over to the legal tribunals Of their injured country ; and the glad shouts, of a liberated people would proclaim, that France would no longer have a Dr.-.Frantia for Dictator, with gay Paris for his Paraguay.