31 JANUARY 1852, Page 9

Mr. Ella, the able director of the Musical Union, has

commenced a series of concerts at Willis's Rooms, which he calls "Musical Winter Evenings," the first of which was given on Thursday. It was precisely similar to one of the meetings of the Musical Union ; the only differences being that it was earlier in the season, and took place in the evening in- stead of the morning. The music consisted of Haydn's quartet in D minor, No. 48; Mendelssohn's posthumous quartet in B; and Spohr's brilliant quartet in the same key, played by Sainton Schmidt, Hill, and Piatti ; Beethoven's duet in F for piano and violoncello, played by Herr Pauer, who distinguished himself by his performances last season, and pistil; Hummers trio in E (the prevailing key of the evening) ; a solo composed and played by Pauer and a German ballad of Mendelssohn, sung by Reichert, the tenor who also gained honour last season. Willis's great room was as full as at the meetings of the Musical Union in tho height of the season.