31 JANUARY 1880, Page 1


rlEnews from Afghanistan is all b. It i admitted even by ad tenter that the Afghans under Mahommed Jan intend to attack General Roberts again on or about Feb. 24th, and it appears from other telegrams that the attempt will be serious, and from a long letter in the Times, describing the events of December 10th -to 15th, that the Afghans on that occasion fought well, and at points distinctly defeated the British troops. There is at the same time no evidence that reinforcements will be ready for -G-eneral Roberts, or that the means of transport have greatly improved, though a good road has now been made up to Jugdulluck. So serious does the prospect appear to the Hindoo traders of Cabal, who are completely informed, that a, hundred families of them have fled to Peshawar for safety. Reports are also circulating, but are not con- firmed, that Ayoub Khan, with the Herat army, is on his way to Ghnzni, whither also the Ghilzyes of the south, and the late Governor of Jellalabad, with ",guns and sepoys," are now proceeding. He is our " friendly " Governor, Hassan Khan. The sepoys in Shirpore, who suffer greatly from cold, dislike the war ; and the Lahore correspondent of the Daily News, writing on the 29th inst., says :—" The military situation perplexes the Viceregal advisers. Some strongly urge recruiting double battalions, or adding 44)0 to each native regi- ment; but the unpopularity of the war, and the great and growing difficulty of recruiting the Native Army, are recognised."