31 JANUARY 1880, Page 2

The impression produced in Germany by Prince Bismarck's demand for

27,000 more men in time of peace is very deep. Nevertheless, it is understood that when the Bill reaches the Reichstag it will be supported by the National Liberals, and this although the higher military officials acknowledge that, for this generation at least, the burden will be permanent. A Saxon peasant, for example, wrote to Count von Moltke, asking him to use his influence to reduce the military burden. The Field-Marshal replied that he fully participated in the wish, and 80 did the Princes and Government of Germany, but that "this happy state of things cannot be hoped for until all nations acknowledge that every war, however successful, is a general calamity. Even our Emperor is not able to bring about this desirable conviction, which can, in fact, only be produced by a better religious and moral education of the populations ; and this is the work of centuries. Neither you nor I will live to see it."