31 JANUARY 1903, Page 18

Leaving Johannesburg on Thursday week. Mr Chamberlain • proceeded to

Potchefstroom. and thence started on a four days' trek to Mafeking, being everywhere -eceived with the greatest cordiality. At Potchefstroom Mr Chamberlain replied to c.. bus deputations, and was welcomed with remarkable enthusiasm at the house of General Andries Cronje, who commanded the first wing of the National Scouts, and is now the head of the Boer Syndicate which. with the consent of the Government, is working the Burgher Land Settlement Scheme. On Saturday Mr. Chamberlain I and his party drove thirty-three miles to Ventersdorp, in I the heart of the Delarey country. and in replying cc an address of welcome he congratulated his bearers on being comrades of so brave a man as General Delarey. who was present. He had met him in London, and had come to regard him as a friend, and he hoped, now that he himself was in South Africa, that General Delarey would regard him as s friend. Mr. Chamberlain added ; "I hope we shall all be friends. We have fought a good fight, and neither side has anything to be ashamed of." General Delarey also spoke, saying that directly he met Mr Chamberlain in London be recognised that he was a strong man, and felt sure that if any one could do service to South Africa it was Mr. Chamberlain.