31 JANUARY 1903, Page 18

Mr Ritchie. the Chancellor of the Exchequer, was enter. tamed

at a banquet in Dundee, his native city, on Friday week; and delivered 3 speech on the prospects of trade. As regards strikes and trade disputes, which he regarded as a more serious barrier in the way of our commercial prosperity than foreign tariffs, he noted with satisfaction the attitude of the Commission who had recently visited America. They bad come back, he understood, with the fixed resolve to recommend to trade societies the adoption of Tribunals on the American system for settling Labour troubles by arbitration. Turning to his own office, Mr. Ritchie de- clared that while efficiency in the Army and Navy was essential, it was his duty to see that those Services were administered as economically as was consistent with efficiency. He had sue. needed a very distinguished man, but he should endeavour to imitate Sir Michael Hicks Beach, and, as far as possible. to adopt his methods.