31 JANUARY 1903, Page 19

The Toronto Globe of January 19th contains a report of

a banquet given to Sir Frederick Borden by the Anglo-Saxon Union. Mr. A. E. Jones, of Buffalo, in his speech gave a very picturesque version of the action of the British fleet in Manila Bay. "Admiral Dewey noticed the warships of foreign nations forming in a suspicious line. Admiral Dewey said to his officers that if the British ships joined these others the jig was up.' The British fleet slowly moved down between the American and the foreign fleets, and as the British flagship passed Admiral Dewey's flagship it hoisted the American colours, and the band played The Star-spangled Banner.' Admiral Dewey hoisted the British flag, and his band played God Save the Queen.' This, Mr. Jones said, was surely a real Anglo-Saxon unity." Whether these were or were not the gallant Admiral's actual words we do not of course know, but we have no doubt that the story as given by Mr. Jones is substantially accurate.