31 JANUARY 1903, Page 41

Story of the Vine. By Edward R. Emerson.- (G. P.

Putnam's Sons. 5s. net.)—Mr. Emerson has taken much trouble to gather the materials for this book, and has done good service to the public in bringing it out. He gives us a general idea of what good wine really is, how it is made, and where it is to be found, without, of course, any attempt to advertise one variety te the prejudice of another. Now and then we find ourselves differ- ing from him. He unduly depreciates port ; a really fine port, however it may be made, is one of the best things under the sun. One of the most interesting chapters in the book is "The Vine in America." Our very smart relatives in that country seem to neglect some opportunities which might be utilised to much profit. There are extensive regions which might be made to pro- duce wine and are neglected. And where wine is made it is not made properly. There is no art in which traditional skill counts for more.