31 JANUARY 1903, Page 41

The Indian Mutiny : a Selection of Papers Preserved in

the Military Department of the Government of India. Vols. IL and III. Edited by G. W. Forrest, C.I.E. (Military Department Press, Calcutta.)—Mr. FOrrest's plan has been to narrate events in a continuous story, and then to give the original documents, or, we should rather say, a selection of the most important. The narrative is given as an "Introduction." This takes as a starting-point the annexation of Oudh. Sketches follow of James Outram, the first Administrator of the province ; of Mr. Coverley Jackson, who succeeded him when disabled by disease ; and of Henry Lawrence. We thus come to the outbreak of the Mutiny in 1857. Then the great events which had Lucknow and Cawnpore for their centre are narrated. We cannot follow the story, but we may say that Mr. Forrest has used his authorities, which are as full as they are of commanding authority, to the best purpose.