31 JANUARY 1920, Page 19

The Acceptance of the Welsh Church Temporalities Act, 1919. By

the Bishop of St. Davids. (S.P.C.K. Is. net.)—This pamphlet, written for the diocese of St. Davide, gives a lucid account of the financial position of the Welsh Church and of the reasons why the Bishops accepted the amending Act of last year. As the author says, when Dise,stablishment was settled, the Church could not haggle about money, although it is greatly impoverished by the change. The Bishop hopes, in view of the great responsibility of England for the welfare of mankind, that such a catastrophe as Disestablislunont in England "may never take place through the impatience or dissensions or indifference of English Churchmen "—a warning that the supporters of the "Life and Liberty" movement may take to heart.