31 JANUARY 1931, Page 3

The " New Statesman and Nation " The amalgamation of

two distinguished weekly papers is announced. The New Statesman and the Nation are to become the New Statesman and Nation. Appar- ently the name Athenaeum, which is the secondary title of the Nation, will be dropped. If so, a literary paper which some years ago had a position of renown will soon pass out of memory. It may be asked how the New Statesman, which has been regarded on the whole as a Labour paper, can conveniently combine with the Nation, which has been regarded as a Liberal paper. But for some time the New Statesman has had a very loose attachment to Labour- policy, and the Nation has not hesitated to express opinions independent of the official Liberal policy. The new paper will be an independent organ of the Left. We most sincerely wish it a pros- perous career. We are capable of believing that when the habit of reading weekly papers is stimulated no single member of that class is going to suffer.

* * *